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After writing some books, having used many drawing and painting sheets and having spent many hours surfing the Internet out of passion and culture, being always eager to find something significant to engage me in, I thought it was time to look for a contact with the audience, to put myself out there more frequently than I did in the past. I pondered a lot before choosing a title for this blog, then I thought my interests remained the same since I wrote the first book I could publish. The title I chose for that book, "The Tao of Watercolor. Making Your Life A Masterpiece", still sums up the meaning of my work, always centered on the vital relationship between art, philosophical research and aspects of everyday life. Unfortunately, my book has got no English translation yet – I’d love to have it translated by a native!
Since that book had been published, a lot happened and a lot was created, so on these pages I will post what, among my best production, is not part of an editorial project. Here you will find images, projects, reflections, literary fragments, short films, scanty news about my new books and, for those who might want it, also a space for dialogue, which I find fundamental for any artist, let alone every human being. Indeed, it is through mutual exchange that new ideas and new perspectives arise, so I will be grateful to those who will leave a comment to my pages.
And now, some technical stuff, which I consider very important for a profitable and knowledgeable use of the blog.

  • Users who post violent, disrespectful, racist or pornographic comments will be deleted without prior notice. Their comments will also deleted, even if this would lead to the dashing of an entire thread.
  • All materials in the blog are original: they belong to me, except where indicated, and are protected by copyright laws, so you cannot copy them in any way. If you find it interesting to quote or somehow use some of my stuff, please wait for my permission: ask me through the contact form. Requests will be processed as soon as possible.
  • I very much welcome link exchanges and collaboration between colleagues bloggers – feel free to contact me through the form and we will see what we can do.
  • As far as the blog languages are concerned, some posts will appear both in Italian and English, some will be only in Italian, some only in English, according to the logic of the moment. By hitting the flag buttons, you can find a list of all texts in a specific language, if present.
  • Despite the care I put in re-reading my texts, I might insert some mistakes involuntarily; I do apologize for that.
  • This blog is not a newspaper and is updated in free time without a precise cadence.
  • I am happy to thank my husband, the webmaster of this blog and of my site, who has granted me some of his photographs, the site www.fotolia.com, from which I purchased the background image, the one on the cover of my book – and Drupal developers, without whom this project could not have been realized.