Submitted by ebeMajor on Fri, 12/29/2017

13 Things To Do When Feeling Surrounded By Evil Presences

Sooner or later, if you are particularly sensitive, you might experience something unpleasant going on around you that cannot be explained by the ordinary laws ruling everyday life. It can be a particularly weird sound in a quiet place, an unpleasant smell where smells are not supposed to be, a haunting feeling of being followed by an indefinite presence, an uncanny sequence of annoying events or even a series of destabilizing thoughts that seem independent frrm you will, all of which are too strange to be considered “normal”. Are these presences real? Yes, they are. Are these presences hideous? Yes, they are. Are they threatening? Yes, they are. Are they potentially harmful? Yes, they are. Yet they are gratuitous? No, they are not. Are they useless? No, they are not, provided you have an idea of how to cope with them. What to do then, when experiencing something of this kind? As a matter of fact, in such cases, the immediate response is generally fear and a feeling of being helpless, yet there is a lot else to do in order to feel better and turn a difficult moment into a meaningful stepping stone in your personal growth.

1. The first thing to always to keep in mind is that this universe is benignant, although believing it may be difficult when things become rough. There are indeed malignant forces or, better, forces moving in opposite direction than ourselves, and facing them can be a problem, as they may affect your body, your mind and your emotional world to such an extent that you may feel overwhelmed, but even these forces do not escape the general logic of this universe, which is always in our favor. So, when feeling haunted by disembodied or natural energies, try to remember that, paradoxically as it may seem, these enemies are indeed friends in disguise. There are a lot of positive aspects such forces may help you discover. You could test your ability to stay calm, open and hopeful in every circumstance. You may deepen your trust in the fundamental goodness of all that is. You could even discover that you are stronger than you thought. No evil comes just to harm, you know.

2. Remember that interference occurs in two different moments: when you are spiritually weak and when you are growing in consciousness and understanding. In both cases, you probably feel you are not ready to be confronted with an evil presence yet, since this is the case, the moment you are in is the right moment. It simply means you have to become aware that you are like everyone else – not worse, not better – and what you are experiencing is simply a part of your personal growth, a lifelong process that involves periods of strength as well as periods of weakness.

3. Stay calm. It may be difficult but maintaining a calm attitude is vital, as terror leads to anguish and anguish leads to despair. There is absolutely no good side in feeling terrorized, anguished and desperate, much less getting rid of an evil presence. On the opposite, the more desperate you feel, the more effective is the evil presence’s power over you, as despair is its precise aim. Under any circumstance, try to stay in a cold mind. For once, indulge in over razionalizing or in finding logical yet false or ridiculous reasons for what you are experiencing, if this helps you stay calm. Once you feel safer, you will have plenty of time to re-evaluate the situation under different points of view.

4. Do some energetic balancing. There are plenty of options, here. Some QiQong or Tai Chi exercises, some Yoga positions, some Reiki or pranotherapy self-applications, an EFT tapping session, or anything else you might know, may be very effective, provided that you devote totally yourself to them. You do not have to practice for long: a quick, intense and accurate session is preferable to a long and dispersive sequence of imprecise movements. Prefer activities that engage all you being rather than those which require only mental attention, such as visualizations, as you need all your entire being to go back to normality.

5. Engage yourself in physical activities. An active body does not offer room to energetic provocations, as it gets more reactive thanks to the endorphins produced spontaneously during physical activity. These chemicals activate a feeling of euphoria and a diminished sense of threaten and pain. So, if you can do it safely, try to run, to march, to practice stretch or make warm up exercises. Remember to stay focused on what you are doing – this will help you feel less vulnerable and freer.

6. Keep busy. Do some gardening, clean the house, make those long delayed repairs you never had the time to do, put your space in order. This will keep your mind engaged, your emotions in check and your body active, with all the benefits mentioned above, not to mention satisfaction and the practical benefits of having some work done. Try not to do activities that may bring your fears back, such as watching horror films, reading about exorcisms, indulge in your worst fantasies or googling words such as “haunted” or similar.

7. Sing, hum or make music. Evil presences and disordered frequencies can be altered and reshaped by a harmonious train of waves, such as those provoked by human voice or a musical instrument. The sweeter the music is, the better it works, so turn to soothing, relaxing pieces. If you do not feel like singing, try at least to hum. If you feel too disheartened, use recorded music to sing or hum along. Remember that a lot happens while singing: it boosts the immune system, it improves your posture, it reduces the stress hormone level in the blood while raising endorphins, it stimulates mental alertness, it increases oxygen level in the body while reducing carbon dioxide presence. All this makes you feel better, more present to yourself and more relaxed. If you do not feel like, try at least to whistle or to listen to your favorite music, provided it is relaxing and reassuring and free of bad memories.

8. Smile. Even it can be hard for you, try to smile. There are a lot of positive things going on while smiling: heart rates lower, endorphins are produces, the immune system is boosted. In other words, a smile sends the message to the body and the mind that everything is OK, there is no reason to worry or to feel tense, so your state of discomfort gradually decreases. Do not worry if your smile feels false at the beginning: keep on smiling, sooner or later the positive message will reach your body and your mind and you will feel better.

9. Try not to stay alone. If the situation and the time of the day lets you, call a friend or a relative, text a dear one, write a letter or an email or use Skype. You do not have to tell them what you are passing through, if you do not feel like or if you think this will frighten them: just talk to somebody, the simple act of communicating with another human being can be very uplifting, when feeling low or fragile. Even a chatter with a neighbor or a shop assistant, as causal as it may be, is a good way to prevent the agonizing feeling of being troubled and alone. Remember also that you are not the first nor will be the last person in the world to experience such uncanny events.

10. Listen to yourself. When evil presences are around you, they stay inactive until something inside yourself clicks in and triggers your worst emotions. This means that you can subtract parts of your inner world inch by inch from the dominant presence by simply observing how it levers up on your weak points. This cannot be done in just one go, it is a lifelong observation that requires painstaking attention and a lot of good will. The more you know yourself, the more easily you can escape from mental and emotional traps snapping despite your good willing attempts. At the same time, remember that the more you know yourself, the subtler those traps become, so be always ready to make new discoveries and to face new challenges. Most of all, do not feel guilty, spiritually retarded or mad, as these negative feelings do hinder your progresses and attract all kind of problems, disembodied and natural energies included.

11. Pray. Try to (re)connect yourself to the primal source of love, security and calm that rules the world. If you feel like, you may want to use traditional prayers among the ones you prefer, from the religion(s) you know best, or you may prefer to invent something new. Praying is not difficult, all you have to do is just open your heart to Something Greater than yourself. In any case, try to feel worthy of the Wider Power whose help you are asking for and remember to make positive affirmations rather than negative requests – for instance, say or think “Please, fortify myself in this hard moment” rather than “Please, chase those horrid things away”, as focusing on negative feelings such as unworthiness and fear could reinforce your weaknesses.

11. Do some rituals, if this makes you feel calmer, but remember that rituals have got no power in themselves. It will not be an incense, a candle, a drawing, some blessed water, a certain group of words or a sequence of actions that will protect you and get you out of a difficult moment with evil presences. Rituals are useful only as a mean to direct your will: they help you stay attentive and focused and they activate your innermost strength, which otherwise may stay latent if not aimed. Also remember not to overdo any ritual of protection, as this could weakens you – it would be like living under a glass case. Instead, you would better learn how to feel secure and free of worries without rites by connecting to your inner source of strength, by living in the here and now. It goes without saying that it is of vital importance never to take part in satanic rites nor to evoke dark powers, as the obvious consequence of such practices is being haunted and facing serious troubles.

13. Ask for professional help if things are getting too difficult or too repetitive. There had always been professional who can deal with such phenomena as experts – priests, exorcists, shamans, healers – ready to help, as haunting entities may appear everywhere, under any circumstances, in any time. If you feel overwhelmed by inexplicable facts, do not hesitate to call the nearest expert. Trust your intuition to choose a honest, reliable and caring person, as there are a lot of potential scammers in this field. In any case, stay away from TV miracle people and from those who like to be surrounded by an adoring crowd of fans – true miracles happen far from the spotlight.