Submitted by ebeMajor on Sun, 02/25/2018

Legs shoulder-width apart. Very slightly bent knees. Soft diaphragm. Upright bust. Open shoulders. Long arms, natural hands. Free neck, light head, hanging from an invisible string. Relaxed face - remember to keep it expressionless, almost dopey. Vertical mouth. The tongue tip resting on your lower teeth. Breath. Draw your breath from behind, let it spin into the pelvis, let it expand there. Being as natural as possible, draw it from there on the front, let it stream unto your lungs, feel it inflating the space between your ribs, diaphragm expands and you breath in, diaphragm distends and you breath out, like a pump, effortless. Your ribs should move to make an elastic belt around you, on the front, on the back on both sides, lightly, graciously. Now, to the air.
Go on feeling relaxed. Just follow the air up to your throat. What's in there? Is it constricted, tense, accessible, unencumbered? Now, don't
change your attitude, stay relaxed and do nothing but observe. Can you feel the air? It's fresh, isn't it? Right, it's fresh. Light, also. What else? It's got a sense of direction, good! Where does it want to go? It can go upwards, can't it? Feel it in your mouth, taste it, roll it as if it were a candy. Yes, there's the tongue too! See what relationship the air and the tongue establish with each other but don't do anything. Exhale from your mouth, just open it a bit and let the air out.
Watch the path the air you have inhaled made: down to the pelvis, up to the ribs, around your bust, then upward till your throat and then into
your mouth. Again and again, effortless. You see? There's unity in the air flow, there's constancy and lightness and direction: inside, outside, everything is connected. Right. Now add a sound. Don't think of your vocal chords, simply add a sound to the raising
air. Any sound. Any note. Go!
Feel your sound tentacles exploring the space around you; feel the vibration springing from your head, see it expanding in spherical waves around you till it can reach the room walls, the street outside, your house, this country, this continent, the whole world, the universe and back to you. Keep your voice up, well timbred, in your mask, on the breath, rounded lips, be bold, be generous. Sing.

“If music be the food of love,
sing on till I am fill'd with joy.”