Submitted by ebeMajor on Thu, 02/08/2018


Distort. Distort. Distooooooooooort. Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistort. D-d-d-d-distort. OK, le'ts begin. Are you ready?, 'cause this will be no easy, no pleasure cruise.
Voices can be muffled. Sight can be blurred. Smell can be altered. Food can be adulterated. Limbs can be twisted. Features can be wry. Truth
can be manipulated. Logic can be fooled. Habits can be perverted. Words can be misunderstood. Facts can be deceiving. Intentions can be disguised. Proofs can be forged. Swooning can be simulated.
Did you have enough? Do you want me to add some more? You can lie. You can confound your audience. You can pretend to be happy. You can play a role. You can mimic someone's manners. You can paint a fake. You can falsify a code. You can counterfeit money. You can write fictional stuff. You can have hallucinatory views. You can get lost in your fantasies. You can be delirious. You can hide in artificial paradises. You can get into a time warp and disappear. Or you can be honest, it's up to you.