Submitted by ebeMajor on Tue, 10/24/2017

There was a girl upon a cliff
That lead a simple life.
She had sea salt in her hair and a longing in her heart.

She watched, she watched, she watched the bay
On every springtime day.

She lived all year round on that cliff
But her heart was set elsewhere:
She wanted the vast world around and some distant shore to see.

She went, she went, she went away
on a glorious summer day.

She spent her days and her nights
Just walking on and on,
The road was long, the time forlon but she always kept her pace.

She lost, she lost, she lost her way
On a dreary autumn day.

Many a country, many a sea
She passed and left behind,
But when she reached the land of pain she sensed that she was home.

She passed, she passed, she passed away
On a quiet winter day.