December 2017

Waiting for Godot - Ovvero: quando promettono che ti pubblicheranno (2)

Submitted by ebeMajor on Wed, 12/27/2017

What Diseases Really Are And What They Can Do For Us

Health issues are a main problem in our lives, yet, in spite of what doctors and scientists keep on saying since a couple of centuries, diseases are not a curse or a nuisance or a hindrance, although they can cause much pain and worries, and there is nothing to fight or to win. On the contrary, not only diseases are a fundamental step in our growth, but they may represent also an exceptional chance of developing a healthier, deeper and more spiritual attitude towards life.


Canzone - "Farewell"

Submitted by ebeMajor on Fri, 12/22/2017

The gentle tingling on my window pane
Reminds me of lost memories, tonight.

Loves, relatives, schoolmates and friends:
They're all gone
Gone deep in the land of darkness, in the land of past
Where they'll stay

Dad, I lost your face and, Grandad, you are still smiling
Some friends of mine lie in their cold graves
Taken by illness, chosen or real
And I'll never meet them again.