July 2017

Translation to Saba, "Il lussurioso"

Submitted by ebeMajor on Tue, 07/25/2017

The Lustfull

As a child I was first at every sport
And, as if I had a pair of wings,
I used to head for the sky. Now
All good and evil in a secret thought I seal.

From me all joys but one I banish
From heaven and earth, my mortal mettle
Is punished by this tree, to which
Love bound me, helpless, naked.

Alas!, these cruel knots
Do rip my living flesh so sweetly
That freedom I would reject, if I were given.


Submitted by ebeMajor on Mon, 07/17/2017

An uncommon Sunday

A dark butterfly resting on a pair of jeans as they were a flower. A breathtaking view just around the bend. A couple of pleasant, unexpected emails. A bright and cool day in a muggy summer. A moment of respite from a chronic disease. Small miracles with a huge impact creating room for silence and a sense of wonder. Gratitude...


About My First Book

Submitted by ebeMajor on Sun, 07/16/2017

If life is a blank page, for a writer it cannot stay blank; we have got a moral obligation within us to fill that void or, rather, to make that void bear witness that something potential is fulfilled when we cover that blank page with letters. It is a commitment, it is a pleasure, it is a need. When pages become many and are all interconnected, weaving mutual meanings in a common direction, we may call them called. And when books are printed, it is a dream come true.
So here I am talking about my printed books.




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