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After writing some books, having used many drawing and painting sheets and having spent many hours surfing the Internet out of passion and culture, being always eager to find something significant to engage me in, I thought it was time to look for a contact with the audience, to put myself out there more frequently than I did in the past.

Object Writing - 1

Submitted by ebeMajor on Fri, 01/12/2018


Vintage, smooth, light and grey. Very grey. And very smooth. And oily. It may stain. But, oh!, those keytops! All in order, layer by layer, all upright as during attendance, they are waiting for the magic to come. Fingertips, are you ready? Eyes, did you find the letters? Nose, can you please stop smelling that funny grease? Mouth, shut up, it's not your turn. Let expectation take control, it may not know where it will lead but it knows that it will be music. All the typebars are flashing, quickly, quickly, it's a melody, it's a symphony!

Waiting for Godot - Ovvero: quando promettono che ti pubblicheranno (2)

Submitted by ebeMajor on Wed, 12/27/2017

What Diseases Really Are And What They Can Do For Us

Health issues are a main problem in our lives, yet, in spite of what doctors and scientists keep on saying since a couple of centuries, diseases are not a curse or a nuisance or a hindrance, although they can cause much pain and worries, and there is nothing to fight or to win. On the contrary, not only diseases are a fundamental step in our growth, but they may represent also an exceptional chance of developing a healthier, deeper and more spiritual attitude towards life.


Canzone - "Farewell"

Submitted by ebeMajor on Fri, 12/22/2017

The gentle tingling on my window pane
Reminds me of lost memories, tonight.

Loves, relatives, schoolmates and friends:
They're all gone
Gone deep in the land of darkness, in the land of past
Where they'll stay

Dad, I lost your face and, Grandad, you are still smiling
Some friends of mine lie in their cold graves
Taken by illness, chosen or real
And I'll never meet them again.


Canzone - "Land of Pain"

Submitted by ebeMajor on Tue, 10/24/2017

There was a girl upon a cliff
That lead a simple life.
She had sea salt in her hair and a longing in her heart.

She watched, she watched, she watched the bay
On every springtime day.

She lived all year round on that cliff
But her heart was set elsewhere:
She wanted the vast world around and some distant shore to see.

She went, she went, she went away
on a glorious summer day.

She spent her days and her nights
Just walking on and on,
The road was long, the time forlon but she always kept her pace.



Submitted by ebeMajor on Sat, 09/02/2017


The reality where we live in is indeed a gigantic staging of our need to find ourselves within the Divine.